13 November 2007

The Umbrella Revolution

Giustino demanded an interesting post on Latvian politics -- but I'm just not up to writing one. Our polite little revolution was victorious -- Loskutovs was reinstated and the Government will fall... and there'll be a new Government that'll be a lot like the old Government; "the same crabs but in different sacks." So events in Tblisi are doubtless of far higher dramatic value. The process right now is almost in reverse -- a new Government is being formed from above but bottoms up, without waiting for Kalvītis (the self-proclaimed "guarantor of stability") to go away. The machine can do without that bust of an engineer, because the engine is running smoothly. Here is a pretty senseless argument about tangents, starting with a totally different subject but ending up in the same abysmal puddle. Below is better video of the last demo.

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