10 April 2008

Rain, referendum, can sit on the ground now...

Returned through the driving rain from the dreadfully Soviet Palace of Culture in the Химпосёлок, where we went to sign for a referendum on changing the Satversme, Latvia's Constitution, to permit the people to initiate a vote on dismissing the Saeima, our Parliament. Veiko has details and updates here. The last day to sign. People are standing in long lines in the rain. It's also Anitas, my mother-in-law's name's-day. Balzams.

Thunderstorm. Can sit on the ground now. Couldn't make it to the pro-Tibet demo in Rīga. Lithuania's PM has announced that he won't attend the opening of the Olympics. Latvia's Parliament refused to consider a resolution supporting Tibet today -- 28 in favor of putting this on the agenda, 24 against, 31 abstaining. Those against led by the usual culprits, but joined by right-wingers who are in the parliamentary support group
and the China group. Šmits and Ozoliņš, for example -- two of Latvia's most prominent homophobes, of the zoological strain. Šmits was human rights guru -- human rights don't apply to gays or Tibetans though, I guess. And Tabūns, of course -- Russophobe of the loudest mouth. Всё нормально.

Photo: AFI. They stamp your passport when you sign. That's not such a nice thing if your employer thinks signing is an invocation of chaos.

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Blogger Frank Partisan said...

Tibet is not Hong Kong, that had clout with China. They dismiss even autonomy. With the world economy connected, expect no serious action against China.

Interesting point about parliament recall.

I get hits often at my blog from this one.


11 April, 2008 01:55  
Blogger Veiko Spolitis said...

Signatures are collected, and the tedious job still continues. I just read news that EVEN Ban Ki Moon (UNO GS) will not go to 2008 Olympics opening ceremony.

Latvian prez Zatlers is waivering however, and whilst talking with several high society gals learned about latest rumours in Riga. According to rumours the reasonfor Valdis waivering position is the wish of Lilita Zatlere to visit Beijing... Rumours r rumours, but being "half" Estonian I never had high opinions about E, Li, litas...:)

11 April, 2008 10:08  

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