13 May 2008


Sorry for not posting lately. I am submerged in a bunch of unwieldy translation projects, and in the evenings I enjoy the spring (Castalian, of course, as at left).

About 17 pages of the Penetralium are being published in England this week. They won't be available virtually, at least for a while, but you can send your checks to 10th Muse and get them physically if you so desire (shameless plug).

For free political demolition derby, you can visit my comrade Aleks.


Blogger Aleks said...

Gee, thanks for the plug, PC.

13 May, 2008 18:59  
Blogger Pierre said...

You crack me up, Pēteri! Enjoy your Latvian spring.

I seem to recall seeing The Penetralium on the internet and I think I saved a copy of the text somewhere...


13 May, 2008 23:51  
Blogger Veiko Spolitis said...

Good to hear, and enjoy spring time and Latgales alus:) Istanbul greetings!! Veiko

14 May, 2008 11:34  
Blogger Pēteris Cedriņš said...

Merci, Pierre -- that was only a part of it. There are 22 sections so far; 4 have appeared in periodicals and 2 online, plus some extracts. Whether it'll ever be finished...

Merhaba, Veiko -- enjoy Istanbul! It's one of my favorite cities.

I hope to get back to editing your text soon, but have deadlines for 2 other projects...

Aleks, I don't mean that your blog is a demolition derby in of itself -- it's just that the comments were beginning to remind me of other venues...

Happy spring to everyone. Here the lilacs are in bloom.

14 May, 2008 11:51  
Blogger jams o donnell said...

Ah Peteris you have the air of a man at ease. I will pay over the requisite money for a copy.

Haste ye back to blogging!

16 May, 2008 20:35  
Blogger Pēteris Cedriņš said...

Since the Transylvanian is chastising me for not sending you fresh meat juice from the Castalian spring free of charge, privately, I'll publicly point out that (a) I get no money from this, and (b) as far as I know, nobody does -- if you study the site with past issues of 10th Muse, you shall see that it is not exactly a capitalist venture. I merely wish to suggest that people who like my writing might want to try some on paper and get some other stuff that (who knows) they might like. I've always only published in contexts and have never gotten anything out of it other than whatever Hermes might get out of cyberspace. Period.

16 May, 2008 20:52  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great shot of you and the "non-Shariks', Shamil!


18 May, 2008 01:49  
Blogger The Vilnius Times said...

There you go

check it yourself


25 May, 2008 04:14  

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