12 January 2008

Seventeen Years Ago

Balts are now marking the anniversary of the "January Events" of 1991 in Lithuania and Latvia, when thousands of unarmed civilians defended our fledgling democratic institutions from Soviet aggression. The clip below is from Juris Podnieks' documentary Krustceļš (The Crossroads); the photograph above is from the Support Fund, where there are additional photos and a chronology of events.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gewalt = Faschismus = Gewalt.

12 January, 2008 16:11  
Blogger Vidas said...

The events of January 13 being brutal - the story leading up to that bloody event shouldnt be forgotten. Economic embargo, artificial food and energy price hikes. The violent Yedinstvo demonstrations. The forced collapse of government.

All arranged and orchestrated.


God bless and long live Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

13 January, 2008 06:07  
Blogger Vidas said...

On a lighter note Peteri:


Best regards poor cousin.


13 January, 2008 06:18  
Blogger Pēteris Cedriņš said...

Ačiū, Vidai!

13 January, 2008 10:06  
Blogger Jens-Olaf said...

I don't remember excactly, but without direct contacts I stayed tuned during several sleepless nights in Germany. Waiting for any information offered by german broadcasts. It was so pity to rely on some random sources, tv, news agancies. No internet. Argh.

13 January, 2008 16:57  
Blogger Taras said...

The gory side of Gorby.

16 January, 2008 19:16  
Blogger Andrius said...

Fucking Americans, you will pay for that!

09 April, 2008 11:40  
Blogger Pēteris Cedriņš said...

I would delete Andrius' comment -- but may as well permit public observation of his mental condition.

09 April, 2008 11:43  

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